Winter walks to avoid the crowds!

  • Winter walks.
  • Cosy coffee shops.
  • Lesser-known destinations to avoid festive crowds!
  • All within a short drive of Airhouses.

The run up to Christmas can sometimes be busy and a little overwhelming, so we have put together three afternoon trips within a short drive from Airhouses to help you relax and recharge. We have focused on lesser known walks and historic places, combined with cosy  coffee shops. Lovely! 

Humbie Woods & Kirk 

trees and leaves in November
The leaves falling in November Humbie Woods

Just over the hill (Soutra), lies the cosy little village of Humbie. Humbie has a gorgeous Kirk. Erected as a private chapel at first in 1124, the current kirk was built on the same site in 1800, although the bell dates to the old chapel. There are also some very old gravestones in the graveyard, so if you love history, and genealogy this is the spot for you! You can find out all about the kirk here. 

Directions - To get to the kirk from Airhouses, turn left out of Oxton and follow the A68 over Sourta, turn right just after Soutra coffee house towards Humbie and Haddington. Follow the road to Humbie, go through the village and at the cross roads just outside the village go straight across following the sign for Humbir Kirk. This is a narrow one car roads so follow with care until you see the Kirk

Behind the Kirk sits Humbie Woods, a privately owned wood whose landowners have popped in some marked paths for the community to enjoy. If you park left of the Kirk you can see a map of the paths. It is a beautiful mixed woodland that also contains a small river (The Tyne). The walks are not extensive – around 5K at the maximum but make for a very pleasant afternoon stroll.  This is very much a welly walk as some areas of the paths get very muddy!

On the way back to Airhouses pop into the Humbie Hub for some amazing cake! Located in the village of Humbie just off the main road the hub is a community run shop and café. We thoroughly recommend it.

paths through ferns
Paths through the fern November Humbie Woods
Humbie Hub Cafe
Humbie Hub Cafe
Humbie Hub
Yum Humbie Hub Cakes!
Yum Humbie Hub Cakes!
Humbie Hub

Crichton Castle 

a castle on a hill and blue sky
Looking back to Crichton Castle

Crichton Castle i
s also just over the hill from Airhouses.  Steeped in history, owned at one time by the Earl of Bothwells- the 4th Earl married Mary Queen of Scots and she is even rumoured to have visited Crichton.  It is a beautiful castle regardless of who visited it in the past. The actual castle is currently closed for renovations, but the walk up to and around the castle is worth the short drive from Airhouses. It is a very atmospheric place, so easy to image the Lairds and Ladys cantering up to their safe haven, returning perhaps from visiting their lands further north.  There is even a walk that takes you up to Vogrie Country Park and back to the castle. The Kirk next to the castle is also worth a wander around, with more fascinating gravestones to read and ponder over.

The walk to the castle is a track so sturdy boots would do the trick. 

One the way back you could pop into Soutra Aisle Coffee house for a scrumptious lunch, or tea and cake!

Here is a link to the map for the walk from Chrichton Castle to Vogire 

lunch infront of a window with a view
Lunch at Soutra
Soutra Coffee House

Wallace Statue and Dryburgh Abbey 

Heading towards the Statue
Heading towards the Statue

Wallace Statue  perhaps not as impressive as the Wallace Monument, and maybe not on a par artistically either! However, ambling along the path to this smaller monument to Wallace is a pleasant afternoon stroll. You pass through some lovely woodland to then emerge beside the statue. You can then keep walking down a woodland path, that joins the road near Dryburgh Abbey.  The path to the statue is tarmac and wheelchair/pram accessible. 

 Head down the A68 from Airhouses, turn right just before LeaderFoot Viaduct at the sign from Dryburgh, head to Dryburgh and watch out for the brown sign for the monument.

The trip can also be combined with the lovely hidden Dryburgh abbey. Click here for more information on the abbey

Some of the beautiful woods near the Wallace Statue
Some of the beautiful woods near the Wallace Statue

Please be aware we have not checked these routes since Storm Arwen so would advise caution due to many fallen trees in the area, please read any signs at the walks and abandon plans if necessary. The cafes are definitely open though! 

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