Why playing board games is good for us!

  • Board Games are good for us!
  • The Old Favourites
  • Family Favourites
  • Easy to pack

The nights are drawing in, and it is time to cosy up.  A perfect time for playing board games with family and friends. We probably all know the benefits to children – co-operation, turn-taking, maths knowledge to name just a few but board games are not just for children! They have huge benefits to adults as well.

Benefits of Board Games

Board games can  help you reconnect with your family and friends whilst releasing endorphins that make you happy!

 They have been shown to stimulate the creative parts of your brain and make you laugh helping you de-stress, (if you are playing the right ones obviously!).

Playing a game keeps you in the moment. You are fully present with your loved ones, connecting and enjoying time together.

Board Games in The Buchannan
Board Games in The Buchannan

Above are just some of the reasons why we have board games available in all our lodges! We also have additional board games for children available in the play den to borrow for your stay.

Here is a round up of all our favourite board games!

The Old Favourites 

Monopoly - is a firm favourite here at Airhouses, and can be a fun way to spend some time before a hot tub dip! We also love Monopoly Junior – a shorter, more simplified but equally as fun version, ideal for families with younger children.

Scrabble – would a holiday be complete without a game of this word-building favourite? Watch out though, people can get really competitive!

Backgammon and Chess – strategy, battle, and laughter. Two of our most favourite games. Backgammon is surprisingly easy to pick up ( if you avoid any complex gambling and just stick to playing!) and can provide hours of fun. Why not get two boards and set up a mini-tournament?

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Family Favourites 

Guests have told us that Sequence is a fun, fast-paced family game that has everyone working together in teams and battling for success! It is like a mixture of a traditional card game and Connect 4.

If you prefer more family style co-operation in your games we love Out Fox the Fox and Hoot Owl Hoot for games where everyone has to work together to save the day!

Cranium – still a firm favourite, model, draw and explain your way to success!!

And of course Pictionary and who doesn’t love a good old fashioned round of family Bingo!

Photo by Tatiana ?zatskaya from Pexels

Easy to Pack Games 

Uno! Obviously.

Pass the Pigs has had a come back here recently. Throw the Pigs ( not Snuffle and Truffle just small plastic pigs!) and see how they land, different positions get you different amounts of points – then add up your points. Do you keep throwing to get more points, even though one wrong throw means you could lose them all? Oh the risk!

Dobble – hilarious fast-paced matching game that comes in a tiny tin that slips into any suitcase for holiday fun!

Dragonwood – dice, and card game that involves rolling dice to attack mythical creatures and earn points. Fast-paced, strategy game for those that love a bit of magic and fantasy in their lives!

Dobble, Uni and Pass the Pigs!
Dobble, Uni and Pass the Pigs!

In summary we LOVE board games and there are so many great ones to choose from, you can find one to suit your mood, your family and your holiday.

We have here at Airhouses a variety of games available for you to play during your stay including:



Word Search

Cluedo Junior



The Logo Game 

We welcome all suggestions for new games - just get in touch via social media or email with any ideas!

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