4 Top tips for the Edinburgh Festivals

  • The Festivals are back!
  • Did you know there are four festivals over summer in Edinburgh?
  • Top tips of how to get the best out of your experience
soldiers outside a castle with fireworks
The Royal Military Tatoo
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tatoo

The Edinburgh Festivals are back, with all the madness, fun and diversity that brings to the Scottish capital. It is such an exciting time, full of culture, community and adventure.  

We have popped together 4 top tips on how to make sure you have the best day at the Festivals. 

Don’t get confused!

Did you know there are actually four festivals that run at almost the same time in Edinburgh over August? The Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Film festival, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! So, you need to know which one your show belongs to so you can ensure you know where to go and buy/pick up tickets!

 The Edinburgh International Festival began in 1947 to bring international artists together in a post war world.

It is a huge arts festival that brings together the best in international art across dace, theatre, music, and opera. Find our more here.

There is also the Edinburgh Film Festival that runs from 12-20 August, inaugurated in the same year it gives a platform to the best in emerging Cinema. More here. 

Then, there is also the now famous FRINGE festival. Set up originally by eight companies who we not official.  They preformed alongside the International Festival in smaller venues around the city.  It grew from there to the huge size it is today! Book tickets and find our more here!

And then there is The Royal Military Tattoo. This is a glorious show set against the backdrop of the magnificent Edinburgh castle. It really is an unforgettable experience.

Click here for more information and to book tickets

Amazing Performances
Amazing Performances
Andrew Downie 2018 © Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

Decide to go with the flow or follow a plan!

We find you need to have a mindset before you set off for the day. Are you happy to go with the flow? Wander around the High Street watching buskers, taking flyers from lots of people and then just booking shows you like the look of?

Or does that idea make you twitch?

In which case, grab The Scotsman, or The List, read the reviews, pre-book your tickets, books tables in restaurants and enjoy!

Whichever way you choose – it can be amazing fun once you are prepared to with flow or plan!

So much to see!
So much to see!
David Montieth-Hodge 2019 © Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society”

Take snacks!

It can get super busy in Edinburgh during all the festivals. Restaurants and cafes can be booked up quickly. There are now a lots of food stalls dotted around Edinburgh - you can even get take away lobster at The Jolly Lobster all year round! But we still recommend you pop some healthy snacks and your water bottle in your bag. Just in case. 

Preformers everywhere!
Preformers everywhere!
David Montieth-Hodge 2019 © Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society”

Park and Ride it!

The easiest way to do any of the festivals is on foot and using public transport in Edinburgh. From Airhouses then we would suggest either getting a bus directly from Oxton ( we can give you a lift to the village if we are available otherwise you can leave your car in the village ). The bus takes about 1 hr. Otherwise drive to a Park and Ride at Sherriff Hall and get a bus into the centre of Edinburgh ( 20 mins to the park and ride and about 40 min on a bus) or lastly drive to Newcraighall ( 20 mins) and pop on a train ( 15 mins) that takes you right to the centre of Edinburgh.

Stay at Airhouses and escape back to peace and tranquillity

The Capercaillie at Dusk
The Capercaillie at Dusk

The festivals are amazing, the energy, people, excitement and flare but we think it is then ideal to be able to come back to Airhouses and relax in your calming lodge, and spacious private hot-tub. We do have some availability in August, and we are only 40min drive away from the city centre - but also a world away!  Click here to check and book. 

Hot tub heaven after a long day of culture!
Hot tub heaven after a long day of culture!

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