Spectacular stargazing at Airhouses -Make the most of the long nights

  • Enjoy spectacular stargazing from your decking!
  • Spot the constellations!
  • See if you can see shooting stars!
The Hawthron Pod at night
The Hawthron Pod at night
Damian Kelly

Whether you are a beginner gazer or a seasoned astronomer we have the skies for you! Just grab a blanket, sit on the decking, or lay on the grass and watch for shooting stars and spot the constellations!

Scotland is an excellent place to gaze at the stars and enjoy the magnificence of the night skies. It has one of the lowest population density of Europe meaning light pollution is low. As Airhouses is in the hills, and away from major towns and cities our skies are vast and wonderful during the winter months. 

January & February are excellent months to stargaze

Stargazing at Airhouses
Stargazing at Airhouses
Damian Kelly

In winter, on a clear night, you will be able to look North and see The Plough, and The Polaris Star. If you look South over the hills from the farm the stars change seasonally. At this time of year you should be able to see Orion and his belt, which I can not help seeing without thinking of the film Men in Black! 

Great websites and Apps to get you going....

If you want to do some prep before your visit, on before you go outside then these website provide lots of great information and live star charts etc,



Some great Apps to try are:

SkyView® Lite also available on Android 

Night Sky 

Star Chart  Also available on Android 

So download and start spotting! 

We have our own Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, sadly their visitor centre is still closed but they have lots of interesting information and online events . Click here for more information. 

Moon rising
Moon rising
Damian Kelly

What do you need?

Often we think we need complicated equipment to stargaze. Really if you find a site with low levels of light pollution all you need to do is look up! A warm jacket, and a blanket to snuggle up in help, and then lay down or sit in a chair and just watch the night sky. 

If you want a closer look at some of the stars, planets and our awesome moon then telescopes have become much more accessible in recent years. You can also purchase special night sky binoculars which are so easy to use. The are just like normal binoculars but bring the stars closer. We have two pairs of these to lend if you book our Stargazing package at Airhouses.

The night sky from The Ramsay
The night sky from The Ramsay
Airhouses Guest

Stargazing Package at Airhouses

We are offering a special stargazing package in our Hawthron Pod for January, February and March. If you book a two night stay in the pod you also get:

- The use for your stay of two pairs of space binoculars

- the use for your stay of two snuggly warm blankets from the wonderful Tartan Blanket Co 

- A extra special snack box to enjoy while star gazing

- a bag  of luxury artisan Hot Chocolate by the  Chocolate Tree  to take home and enjoy, or sip under the stars. 

Click  here for more details.

The Moon at Airhouses
The Moon at Airhouses
Damian Kelly

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