How to Stay Safe — and Still Have a Fantastic Break

Carol Houghton

Now that lockdown is gradually ending, isn't it high time for a family getaway? Or a romantic change of scene with your partner? There's no reason why you can't enjoy a holiday right now while still staying safe and protected — it's just about putting a few extra precautions in place. In fact, at Airhouses holiday lodges in the Scottish Borders we have four protection promises for guests, meaning that you can enjoy total peace of mind.

But how do you stay safe while out and about sightseeing? Again, it's just about preparation. Here are our seven top tips for you...

Don't forget the sanitiser Don't forget the sanitiser Kelly Sikkema

1. Carry hand sanitiser everywhere
Before heading off on holiday, aim to pack one big bottle of sanitiser, plus a couple of portable, handbag sized ones for days out. The government recommends sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol, so check the labels first. Also, make sure to give yourself a thorough covering of the gel, right from your fingertips to your elbows. We are now stocking small bottles of hand sanitiser in our farm shop.

2. Choose the right wipes too
Did you know that there is a difference between anti-bacterial and anti-viral wipes? Only the latter actually works against coronavirus, so again, check labels carefully and choose wipes with at least 70% alcohol. Try to pack a few for your holiday, as they are an ideal way to stay safe before touching everyday objects like ATMs, door handles and even cafe tables.

You can still enjoy exploring attractionsYou can still enjoy exploring attractionsOur Scottish Borders

3. Practice social distancing while sightseeing
When visiting tourist spots like castles and parks, aim to keep around one metre distance from other families or couples. A good approach would be to visit popular visitor attractions at less busy times, such as early morning or weekdays.

If you plan to eat out at restaurants or cafes, then aim to dine al fresco if the weather is nice enough. Also, try to keep away from people who are coughing, sneezing or showing flu-like symptoms.

4. Pack plenty of masks for the whole family
Masks are an essential item for shops and public transport now, so make sure to always have them to hand. Children can be forgetful though, so why not invest in patterned, colourful masks that they will have fun wearing, perhaps with animals or superhero characters? Also, don't forget to carry spare masks in case someone loses theirs.

Is it safe to let people pet your dog?Is it safe to let people pet your dog?Jamie Street

5. Keep your furry friend away from strangers
If you have a friendly and boisterous dog, then other sightseers might be tempted to stroke or pat it (and who can blame them?). However, as this can be a way of spreading germs from strangers to your family, it may be best to keep your pet on a leash in busy places.

6. Pack a travel first aid kit
A first aid kit with a thermometer will help you to keep an eye on all family members during your trip. If you're looking for the best kind of thermometer, digital ones are the most accurate gauge of temperature.

Enjoy peace of mind at AirhousesEnjoy peace of mind at AirhousesCarol Houghton

7. Stay in a holiday spot that puts your safety first
At Airhouses we want you to have a safe trip as well as an enjoyable one. If you need a bit of added reassurance, then here are our four protection promises to you. Our goal is to put your mind at rest while you unwind in the blissful Borders countryside (after all, you've definitely earned a getaway by now).

Enjoy a safe, protected and relaxing break at a 5-star Airhouses holiday lodge in Oxton.

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