How to Have a Perfect Scottish Sunday

Sundays are for lovelinessSundays are for lovelinessFreestocks

What is the secret of a really good Sunday? At Airhouses holiday lodges in the Scottish Borders, it's all about lounging around in hot tubs, petting Shetland ponies and drinking G&T on the decks — total bliss.

But what about you — do you feel you're making the most of the dreamiest day of the week? If not, then here are our five top tips for having a perfect Sunday, the Scottish way...

1. Treat yourself to peace and quiet

Find a little tranquilityFind a little tranquilityAnnie Spratt

in Scotland we have a concept called 'coorie', which is about embracing simple, rustic and traditional comforts. Yet it can be hard to do this with digital distractions clamouring for your attention. So this Sunday, why not switch off your mobile phone and enjoy the silence?

By taking time out from texts and social media, you will be giving yourself space to enjoy other things. Whether that's taking a long walk, getting lost in a novel or playing with a pet, you can escape the online chatter for a while and let yourself hear your thoughts again.

2. Indulge in a leisurely breakfast

Start the day with an epic feastStart the day with an epic feastCera

Most days of the week, breakfast is a rushed, neglected meal — many of us are lucky if we manage a quick nibble of toast before we bolt out of the door.

That's why Sunday is the day for a long and lazy morning feast with loved ones — and yes, this means indulging in a few naughty foods too. Few things beat a pancake stack drizzled with heather honey; a creamy porridge piled with berries or a full Scottish fry-up. Afterwards you can just sit back, browse the Sunday supplements and relax...

3. Embrace self-care

Don't forget to pamper yourselfDon't forget to pamper yourselfCarol Houghton

if you can't spoil yourself rotten on a Sunday, then when can you? Your idea of good self-care will be unique to you, but the key is to take time out from everything to be kind to yourself.

Whether it's a candlelit aromatherapy bath with soothing, woody Scottish pine oil; a little quiet time writing in a journal, or a walk by a waterfall, self-care is a chance to restore and revive your spirits after a busy week. So why not set aside a little time for it each Sunday?

4. Spend quality time with loved ones

Anyone for Scrabble?Anyone for Scrabble?Carol Houghton

One of Sunday's greatest gifts is that it's a chance to re-connect with your family.

And while there's nothing wrong with settling down in front of the TV together, why not find ways to enjoy each other's company away from screens too? A good old-fashioned board game can be lots of fun, as can gardening, crafts or baking classic Scottish scones. But in the end, it doesn't matter what you do — as long as you do it together.

5. Get away from it all on a Scottish mini break

Would you like a little fizz with your hot tub?Would you like a little fizz with your hot tub?Carol Houghton

Of course, sometimes the very best Sundays are the ones where you enjoy a change of scene. And while we might be a wee bit biased, we reckon few things beat a long weekend in a luxury lodge with a hot tub and stunning Borders views. We're just saying...

Why not enjoy the perfect Scottish Sunday at one of our five-star holiday lodges in Oxton?We can even provide a breakfast basket crammed with yummy local produce. Just order when booking and it will be in your fridge on arrival.

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