Six Ways to ’Coorie Doon’ in Style

Timothy Eberley

'Coorie' is a lovely Scottish concept that can help you to find more peace, joy and contentment in day-to-day living. But what exactly is it?

In part, coorie about getting cosy and enjoying the rustic pleasures of domestic life — but that said, it's more than just the Scottish version of the Danish 'hygge'. That's because coorie is also about celebrating Scotland's culture, crafts and outdoor scenery in every single season. For instance, getting cosy in a tartan blanket while camping in a Highland glen. Or sipping a dram of whisky in your garden while gazing up at the stars.

In essence, corrie is about finding a simple sort of peace through embracing everything that's special about Scottish heritage and home-life. With this in mind, here are six ways to 'coorie doon' in style:

The scent of fresh baking is very coorieThe scent of fresh baking is very coorieRawkkim

1. Try out coorie cooking
Food is a great mood booster, so why not experiment with a few comforting and rustic Scottish recipes?

For instance, you could make a bowl of smoky cullen skink fish soup (recipes for veggie versions are available online), followed by comforting Borders rumbledethumps and an indulgent clootie dumpling for pudding. For inspiration, take a look at our tasty traditional recipes from the Scottish Borders.

Cosy up with a dram or hot toddyCosy up with a dram or hot toddyThomas Park

2. Sip on a snifter
Now, we're certainly not suggesting that you hit the bottle or anything like that. That said, a cheeky wee nip of alcohol now and then — ideally by candlelight while enjoying an old movie — can certainly be very coorie.

For instance, what about a traditional hot toddy with whisky, honey and lemon? You could also throw in a cinnamon stick and cloves for extra spice. Delicious.

Knitting is a great coorie hobbyKnitting is a great coorie hobbyGiulia Bertelli

3. Get crafty
Your choice of lockdown craft projects is endless, but you really don't get more coorie than knitting a traditional Fair Isle sweater. That said, if you're not quite at that skill level yet, then there are plenty of other creative things you can try.

Why not make your own greeting cards and send them to friends to cheer them up? Or brighten up some old mugs by painting them? Or even create an inspirational scrapbook full of fun things you plan to do this year? (Like, for instance, taking a coorie holiday to the beautiful Scottish Borders).

The possibilities are endless, so get busy with that glitter and glue.

Grab a great Scottish novelGrab a great Scottish novelChristin Hume

4. Lose yourself in a good book
Feel like you're too busy to get stuck into a good book? Coorie is all about making time for the quieter, gentler things in life, so why not commit to a little bookworm time each day?

Of course, your reading material is up to you, but a few very coorie choices would be Scottish classics like Sunset Song by Lewis Crassic Gibbon, O Caledonia by Elspeth Barker or The Cone Gatherers by Robert Jenkins.

You could also learn more about Scottish history by delving into the Bruce Trilogy by Nigel Tranter, or even escape to a more magical Alba with Scottish Folk Tales by Ruth Manning-Sanders. And of course, we can't not mention The Art of Coorie by Gabriella Bennett.

Or would you like to travel beyond Scotland with your reading material? If so, then here are five great escapist books.

Enjoying the outdoors is part of coorie livingEnjoying the outdoors is part of coorie livingLuke Paris

5. Soak up the scenery
Coorie isn't just about being indoors — it's also about embracing the beauty of nature (and you don't need to live on the edge of a loch to do that).

So whether you're hiking in the countryside or cycling through a city park, don't just rush past the landscape — take time to look around and really appreciate the marvels of the natural world. Embrace it with your five senses too: listen out for birdsong, sniff a flower and even taste a blade of grass. Then relaaax...

Create a stunning Scottish gardenCreate a stunning Scottish gardenIrina Iriser

6. Add happiness to your garden
Of course, you can embrace nature much closer to home too. So why not plant some scented flowers or herbs in your garden? Or brighten up your patio by decorating it with lanterns and outdoor candles?

If you live in a flat, you needn't miss out either. Got a balcony? Then cheer it up with some pretty potted plants. Or alternatively, create a window box of bright blooms or even kitchen ingredients like rosemary, thyme and chives (all ideal for rustic comfort cooking).

In short, coorie is about finding joy in simple Scottish pleasures, so why not sprinkle a little bit of Caledonian charm over your everyday life?

Why not give yourself a scenic escape to look forward at one of our cosy and luxurious holiday lodges in the Scottish Borders?

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