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Airhouses and the surrounding area has so much to offer children and if you are home educating your children then there are lots of ways to explore and learn.  

We believe education should be all about fun and we have lots of farmland where children can  explore and roam to their hearts content.  We have woodlands, ponds and fields to investigate, run round and be free!  Our playden has information and fact sheets on wildlife, wildflowers, leaves, berries, mushrooms,  and much more.  

Meet our animals, talk to them, learn all about them, feed them, walk them and enjoy them.

Whatever time of the year, wet or dry, warm or a little bit chilly,  or deep snow, there is so much for children to enjoy.  

Inspire their passion for learning without them realising they are learning!

Here are a few places, some open all year round, which can inspire and excite:

National Mining Museum 

Delve into the past, learn the story of coal, find out what life was like both at home and at work for the miners and their families.  Take a guided tour of the pithead and experience the atmoshere, and noise if you wish, of a working mine.  

If you prefer you can explore everywhere without a guide.  There is an audio tour which is through a small tablet, no uncomfortable headphones,  with different numbers to find and you can dip in and out as you please.  

Open all year round.

Traquair House

Scotland’s Oldest Inhabited House is well worth a visit.  You can opt to just visit the grounds which are great.  There is an amazing maze at the rear of the house and if you are visiting out of school holidays then you have the place more or less to yourselves.  

The first time we visited, we spent over an hour trying to find the centre without success.  We then came back out and look at the notice board at the entrance to the maze.  At the very top there was something which looked like a QR code and we realised it was a map!  We photographed it then followed the map  to the centre, where we had our picnic!   Definitely a lot easier with the map.

There is a great play park and lots of woodland to run about in and Conkers to collect forever.  

If you pop into the Jewellery Craft Shop you may be lucky enough to be shown how to make a leather belt with a Celtic design on it.  

Crichton Castle

Just up the road, and part of Mary Queen of Scots story.  This late 14th Century Tower House, one of the oldest in Scotland, sits on a terrace overlooking the River Tyne.  Lots of space to run around and explore plus there is a fun fact finding quiz which you can download or collect when you are there.  

Abbotsford House - Home of Sir Walter Scott

Open all year.  The tours round the house, without a guide if you prefer, and with an audio tour narrated by one of Sir Walter Scott’s favourite cats is fun.  There is a superb play park with a huge slide, woodland walks, a formal garden with lots of little hiding places to dip in and out of.  


Lots of different beaches to run wild on and explore rock pools, take a fishing net and discover so much. Take a trip to Eyemouth Harbour and watch the fishing boats.

Dalkeith Country Park

Definaely a good place to go out of school holidays.  Superb adverture park, cycle trails, woods, walks, cafe and restaurant.


These will need to be booked in advance:

Glass Making at Harestanes - from age 5 upwards.  An hour’s one to one is really interesting for a little one and they make some lovely things.

Archery - again on a one to one basis indoors at Selkirk



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