Grazing stock
Aberdeen Angus cows

At Airhouses we aim to ensure that the overall effect of our business activities enhances the local environment and has minimal detrimental impact on the wider environment, including impact on the availability of resources in the future.

Aspects of the local environment we consider include:

  • Visual
  • The pollution of soils & water
  • Noise
  • Resources

Aspects of impact on the wider environment we consider include:

  • Waste
  • Transport of materials to and from Airhouses
  • Use of Energy for heating, lighting & laundry
  • General Farming Policy


Visible impact

  • We aim to remove litter from roadside and other areas
  • Exclude grazing stock from some areas of pasture
  • Establish conspicuous features - pond, trees
  • Reinstate dry stone walls
  • Repair stone & slate buildings
  • Enhance habitat for wildlife of various kinds
  • Improve access for people to see wildlife
  • Encourage the natural flora and fauna

Minimise pollution

  • Treat sewage effluent to reduce biological oxygen demand
  • Avoid discharge of sewage effluent to water course
  • Use water-based paints
  • Avoid cleaning products containing bleach and use natural products as much as possible
  • Avoid use of aerosols


  • Restrict use of machinery and tractors to times when others are unlikely to be resting
  • We ask guests to refrain from playing music outside and to keep other sounds to a minimum during hours of darkness


  • Restrict water flow to taps
  • All water is from a natural spring
  • Water is treated by filtration and UV lights
  • Avoid hanging baskets of flowering plants
  • Use storm damaged trees for fire wood in the farm house
  • Maintain a high level of thermal insulation
  • Fit low-energy lamps, where practicable, in most-used lights
  • Use lower temperature washes in the washing machine and dishwasher
  • Use Biodegradable and non-polluting Eco balls as alternative to laundry detergent or Eco washing and dishwasher powder/tablets
  • Use timber furnishings and fittings, where practicable
  • Use Fair Trade furniture where possible
  • Use Fair Trade Coffee, Tea, Sugar
  • Use local produce for welcome food basket where possible


  • We ask guests to segregate household rubbish, paper, plastic and bottles

Farm Policy

  • Fertilisers are not used on the farm
  • Use of sprays is kept to a minimum
  • We manage a deferred grazing system
  • Bought in cattle feed is kept to a minimum
  • All cattle and sheep are born and bred on the farm
  • Bulls are bought from Premium Health breeders
  • All cattle and sheep at Airhouse are Quality Farm Assured
  • All cattle are part of Premium Health Scheme

Sustainable Tourism

  • We encourage sustainable tourism by provision for walkers and cyclists of extensive information on low impact activities
  • We encourage our guests to support local producers, pubs, restaurants and cafes and we promote local tourist attractions and events.
  • We welcome, support, participation, and suggestions from you our customers as to how we can improve our environmental policy and protect the environment and increase the enjoyment of your stay
  • At airhouses we encourage guests to consider their environmental impact and where possible to.
  • Compost green kitchen waste -
  • everything but meat or meat products is eaten by the pigs
  • Use the separate bins provided for bottles, cans and paper
  • Use recycled paper products
  • Support the local food producers / restaurants by recommendation
  • Use environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products
  • Leave hazardous waste such as batteries with us for safe disposal at our local recycling centre
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