The Capercaillie has an exciting  BBQ Hut. You can barbeque all year round whatever the weather.

The BBQ hut originates in Lapland and is called a "Grillikota" in Finish.  It has seating for 15 - 20 people around a central BBQ.  The BBQ uses a special lump wood charcoal and we supply British Hardwood charcoal for your use.

Shaws, the butchers in Lauder, offer a variety of BBQ packs and you can order them online through ourselves during the booking process so everything will be in your fridge ready for you.  

The BBQ Hut is just at the side of the Capercaillie and is very snug.  The opening windows are double glazed.  There is no electricity but there are twinkling fairy lights.  Once the bbq is lit, then there is a lovely cosy glow.  

Dorset Hardwood Charcoal for the BBQ is provided. To light the charcoal you can use a crumpled piece of paper with a few small pieces of charcoal wrapped in it. Build a pyramid shape around it with other pieces of charcoal and then light the paper.  Leave for a few minutes until the charcoal is well alight then add more charcoal as required.  You will be ready to barbeque in 10 to 15 minutes.  You usually know when you are ready when the lump charcoal beings to turn red, a white ash appears around most of the lumps and you can leave your hand 6 inches above the fire for at least 5 seconds.

Glasses, plates, bbq tools etc are in the cupboard,  behind the door in the kitchen.


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